Stop Retaliation in Oakland Unified

Aimee Eng, School Board President, Oakland Unified School District


Oakland Unified School District is using performance evaluations to punish a union activist.

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To: Aimee Eng, School Board President, Oakland Unified School District
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Kampala Taiz-Rancifer is a veteran OUSD teacher at EnCompass Academy - where 93% of her students qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch. She has been a leading campaigner for SMALLER CLASS SIZES for students. Now the District is sending a message to teachers everywhere by punishing Kampala.

The school principal, Minh-Tram Nguyen, savaged Kampala, specifically citing her recent work with her union (release days approved by the District's own office of Labor Relations), in her performance evaluation. This is immoral and illegal.

Everyone deserves a fair and unbiased evaluation process at work. Kampala's unfair evaluation needs to be thrown out, her administrator needs to be retrained and a new person should take over the rest of the evaluation process for this year.

Instead of breaking the law by attacking veteran teachers, OUSD needs to get serious about the Teacher Retention Crisis. Work with teachers to negotiate a living wage, smaller class size and more student supports.