Stop the House Health Care Law Now!

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Throughout last year’s campaign, President Trump himself repeatedly supported the idea of “insurance for everybody.” But this bill is far from the reforms he and extremists promised.

Congressional Republicans and President Trump are now supporting two bills that are currently in the House. These bills would cut access to care for millions and increase the cost for even more.

It’s not just that, though. Under the proposals, the rich will see new tax cuts, and health insurance executives can make more money than ever. This isn’t a new, forward-thinking approach, it’s the same-old Washington game of making the rich richer at the cost of working people.

Add your name now and tell Congress to turn down these backward proposals.

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We need changes to our health care system that give more Americans access to care, at a lower cost. The current proposals being pushed by the House do not do this and actually hurt more Americans, especially lower-middle income households and older Americans.

These bills need to be thrown out and Congress needs to focus on increasing access to health care for all, not just for the wealthy.

Vote against the House health care proposals now.