Stop the Privatization of North Division!

Milwaukee Board of School Directors

Howard Fuller’s plan to co-locate and privatize North Division High School will weaken our public schools and divide our community. Tell MPS School Board Directors to STOP Howard Fuller from taking over any space in North Division High School by calling 414-475-8284. Demand that they support plans to grow North Division to its full potential as a public community school.

6 Ways the Privatization / Co-location of North Division Undermines MPS

1. Threatens local control. North Division parents and students were never included in the discussions to co-locate a privately owned and operated charter school inside of North Division.


2. Co-locations are failing MPS students. Co-locations have prevented public schools from growing enrollment and programming and have led to separate and unequal schools.


3. Reinforces inequality and the school-to-prison pipeline by creating discipline procedures not governed by the MPS School Board.


4. Starves Milwaukee Public School students of needed resources and educational space.


5. As more schools compete for limited educational resources, a takeover school at North Division will divide communities against themselves.


6. It’s an attack on the most under-resourced children and families of Milwaukee in 53206.

To: Milwaukee Board of School Directors
From: [Your Name]

I support keeping North Division in the hands of our democratically elected school board and oppose any co-location or privatization of North Division High School.