Missouri Dem Party: Stop Throwing Women Under the Bus!

MO Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber


Exactly when did it become OK for the Missouri Democratic Party to use women's private reproductive decisions as a tool?

"If Democrats interested in running for office are pro-life, Missouri Democratic Party chairman Stephen Webber says, so be it. He tells Missourinet candidate recruitment is one of his top priorities.  “We’re looking for candidates that will work hard and are willing to communicate their deeply held convictions,” says Webber." ~~~Missourinet - July 24, 2017


Petition by
Stacey Newman
Saint Louis, Missouri

To: MO Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber
From: [Your Name]

Dear Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber,

You have said publicly you are recruiting pro-life Democratic candidates: "There is room as long as they work hard and they're willing to communicate their deeply held convictions."

When exactly did THROWING WOMEN UNDER THE BUS become a tool to elect Democrats?

Have you not paid attention to the insane number of anti-reproductive bills the Missouri GOP file each year? Do you truly think it's okay for Democrats to assist the anti-women GOP agenda by also inserting themselves in OB-GYN offices and interfering with medical policy & ethics?

What's next on your list to torpedo as a Democrat? Equality rights? Immigrants Rights?

Perhaps you don't know that 1 in 3 women will have a legally protected abortion in their lifetime —for numerous reasons including miscarriage care, wanted pregnancies gone horribly wrong and personal reasons that are frankly none of anyone's business. Perhaps you are unaware of how punitive AND unconstitutional many of these anti-abortion bills really are.

When and if women bear children and reproductive medical care are decisions which do not belong in the hands of any elected official, including Democratic ones. Period. Being "pro-life" simply means women can't be trusted to make their own private medical decisions which forever affect their family's economic, educational and even class status.

I refuse to support the Missouri Democrat Party if "pro-life" candidates are acceptable. I demand you STOP THROWING WOMEN UNDER THE BUS.