Stop U.S. from Selling More Weapons to Saudi Arabia

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Millions of people in Yemen are on the edge of starvation. Cholera is spreading. Bitter and violent resentment of those responsible: the Saudi and U.S. governments is boiling up. Yet Donald Trump proposes to go right on selling Saudi Arabia the weapons with which to continue the war that has created and is maintaining the crisis.

Yes, the United States is slaughtering civilians by the thousands in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, and there is something ridiculously hypocritical about professing standards that prevent selling weapons to a government that uses them to kill civilians. No, there is no proper moral way to conduct the campaigns of mass-murder known as wars, so that worthy recipients of war weapons can be distinguished from Saudi Arabia and other unworthy ones. But when we have a chance to alleviate great suffering, we must act on it immediately.

We have that chance. After May 26, U.S. Congress Members and Senators will be home for a week, where they should hear from their constituents in person. In June they will have to vote one way or the other on whether to go on selling war weapons to Saudi Arabia. We will deliver this petition to them.

Please sign it.

Please also, if you are from the U.S., phone your Representative and your two Senators at 1-(202) 224-3121.

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