Stop voter suppression in Georgia

Randolph County Board of Elections


We need your help to stop a last-minute attack on voters’ rights in Randolph County, Georgia.

With less than 3 months until Election Day, county officials are trying to silence the voices of thousands of voters. The local Board of Elections wants to eliminate 7 of 9 polling sites in the county -- hitting areas with many low-income voters and black voters the hardest.

This is an egregious effort to shut eligible voters out of our democracy based on race and class. Closing these sites will make it difficult or impossible for voters throughout the county to exercise their right to vote. Some would be forced to travel an additional 10 miles to the next closest polling place should the proposal pass -- and given that 22% of county residents don’t own a car, many will be unable to cast their ballot on Election Day as a result.

This sort of attack on voters is exactly what the Voting Rights Act -- which the Supreme Court gutted in 2013 -- was meant to prevent. Without its protections, there’s no federal oversight to prevent this injustice. That’s why we must speak up now -- and tell the Randolph County Board of Elections that we will not stand for their attack on our rights.

The Board will vote on this dangerous proposal on August 24th -- and supporters of democracy across the nation must speak out. Add your name to our petition today and take a stand against voter suppression!

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Everyone deserves a say in choosing our leaders -- but targeting predominantly Black counties for polling place closures would needlessly disenfranchise countless eligible voters. Randolph County, Georgia officials must abandon their thinly-veiled attempt at racist voter suppression to ensure that every eligible voter can make their voice heard this fall.