Strengthen Don't Weaken Dodd-Frank



It's no secret that Wall Street and special interests groups want to repeal Dodd-Frank regulations of the financial industry. They have already successfully mounted efforts to eat away at the legislation. Now, on the 5th anniversary, it is time to strengthen, not weaken, Dodd-Frank.

Sign our petition and tell Congress and the SEC to:

  • Enact the Volcker Rule
  • Implement CEO pay-disclosure rule now
  • Protect the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

To date, the CFPB has returned over $5 billion to more than 15 million wronged consumers. The law ends bailouts and sees to it that no bank is too big to fail. And it makes sure that taxpayers will not have to pay for Wall Street’s recklessness.

Today, five years after Wall Street Reform was signed into law, voters 3-to-1 now want to see more, not less, oversight and regulation of big banks.

We think now is the time to strengthen, not weaken, Dodd-Frank. With a budget fight impending, the CFPB is regularly under attack by special interest groups, and important provisions like the Volker rule still have yet to be enacted.

Stand with us on this anniversary and tell Congress and the SEC: Strengthen, Don't Weaken Dodd-Frank.

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We don't want Wall Street go back to writing the rules and rigging the system. It is time to strengthen Dodd-Frank by breaking up the too big to fail banks.