Submit Public Comments in Support of President Biden’s Increased Tariffs on Unfair Imports

Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

Please use this form to sign onto official public comments voicing your support for President Biden's plan to increase tariffs on unfair imports in strategic industries and to urge the plan's quick implementation.

We will submit these comments to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative on your behalf in Docket Number USTR-2024-0007.

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Thank you for the opportunity to voice my support for President Biden’s directive to protect American workers and producers by increasing tariffs on unfair imports.

President Biden's tariff increases will help prevent cheap imports — which are all too often made with forced labor, sweatshop labor and under other unfair conditions — from undercutting good-paying jobs and sustainable development in my community and beyond. This closes dangerous loopholes in U.S. tariff structures left by previous administrations.

Coupled with the historic investments in quality job creation being made under the President's CHIPS Act and Inflation Reduction Act, these new tariffs are an important next step in expanding the manufacturing boom already being driven by Biden administration policies.

Allowing China or any other single country or region to dominate the production of strategic technologies such as semiconductors, long-storage batteries, solar panels, automobiles and others would eventually lead to higher prices, increased supply chain disruptions and stifled innovation. As such, President Biden’s continued leadership in fighting the monopolization of these technologies is the right move for workers, consumers and the environment.

The Biden tariffs are strong, smart and strategic, and I back the administration's plan to implement them quickly.