Support Adult Foster Home Workers - Demand Funding for Higher Wages

Jesse Anderson, OHA, State Plan Manager

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is proposing to amend the Medicaid State Plan to add a 10% enhanced wage add-on for Home and Community-Based Service (HCBS) providers and nursing facilities whose base rate for caregivers is $15.00/hour. Adult Foster Homes are currently excluded from this proposed amendment simply because they were omitted from proposed rule language. We have time to submit public comment on these proposed changes, urging decision-makers to include Adult Foster Home providers in provisions that support our ability to pay our staff competitive wages.

Please complete and sign before Wednesday, October 13th. We encourage you to share this petition with your staff, residents, families, or community partners so they can add their comments as well. You can also share your personal story in the comments section! Stories help strengthen our message!

Our caregivers deserve better, our residents deserve better, and we deserve better! Make your voice heard with us by adding your feedback in support of AFH inclusion in the proposed HCBS wage add-on.

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To: Jesse Anderson, OHA, State Plan Manager
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As an adult foster home provider, I am part of the community-based care community. However, unlike larger facilities, in the last 18 months adult foster homes have not received any financial support from the state on increased costs to keep our staff and care for our residents in ongoing, hazardous, insecure and isolating conditions. I’m upset to hear that, once again, we are being excluded from COVID funding.

Our ability to remain open is at risk. Wage add-on funds are not part of a bargaining pot and not money that simply covers cost of living increases for ourselves. If we cannot afford to pay our staff a living wage, we will not be able to survive. Lack of support from the state and being overlooked time and again is unacceptable and outrageous. This oversight sends a clear message that the lives of residents and the livelihoods of caregivers in adult foster home settings aren’t as valuable as larger, facility-based settings.

It is critical that adult foster home providers are included in the proposed amendment language for the Medicaid State Plan enhanced wage add-on program. Our residents are our loved ones; they are family and community members. Remaining open means they get to keep their HOME. Retaining staff means they can live with less insecurity and isolation. These wage add-ons are about supporting our residents and ensuring we can afford to pay a living wage for our staff.