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Frontier Airlines Management

AFA Frontier Flight Attendants are asking for your support to fight against Frontier Airlines management’s heavy-handed change to the sick policy. To make changes during a global pandemic is ruthless. We won’t stand by quietly while the company makes an already stringent policy more severe.  

The airline industry has been hit hard by COVID, which continues to be destructive. Last summer and over the holidays, we worked through weather delays, mechanical delays, cancellations, crews stranded in airports, handling unruly passengers and living with the anxiety COVID has created in all our lives.

We need a sick leave policy that recognizes the realities of flying in a pandemic and respects us as human beings.

Add your name to tell Frontier Airlines management that AFA Frontier Flight Attendants deserve a humane, compassionate sick policy.  

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To: Frontier Airlines Management
From: [Your Name]

I am writing to urge you to change your sick leave policy for Flight Attendants at Frontier Airlines.

AFA Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants helped keep the carrier flying through the COVID-19 pandemic and have been on the frontlines of dealing with difficult flying conditions.

To make an already stringent sick leave policy more severe, especially during a global pandemic, is inhumane and cruel.

AFA Frontier Flight Attendants deserve better and I call on you to change this sick leave policy immediately.