Support Faculty at Miami University! Let Us Vote!

Miami University (Ohio) President, Provost, and Board of Trustees

Faculty Alliance of Miami AAUP-AFT (FAM) calls on community allies to help share some L.U.V. and support the faculty at Miami University in Ohio.

Despite FAM’s certified majority of faculty who filed cards to support union recognition and election, Miami is delaying our vote by attempting to exclude non-tenure-track faculty (including librarians and staff who teach and do research) from our bargaining unit. Our response: we will not be divided. We will not be deterred.

Miami Faculty are asking the University administration to drop these objections and Let Us Vote! Faculty of all ranks have showed overwhelming interest in exercising their democratic right to vote for a union.

FAM stands in solidarity with students, parents and our community, supporting hard-working Miami faculty in educating citizens, promoting research, and serving the public good. Please sign this petition to show Miami educators that the community supports them and their right to hold a union election for all full-time faculty. Let Us Vote (L.U.V.)! ♥️

In solidarity,

FAM Organizing Committee
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To: Miami University (Ohio) President, Provost, and Board of Trustees
From: Faculty Alliance of Miami — FAM

We stand in solidarity with faculty at Miami University and affirm their right to organize a union. We support the right of all full-time faculty (including non-tenure-track faculty, librarians, and staff who do significant teaching and research) to be included in the union. We ask the Miami administration to drop their objections now and let faculty vote.