Support Human Rights On Your Farm!

Kent Smith Farms, O.J. Smith Farms, The Bass Farms, Greenleaf Nursery Co., The Bailey Brothers Farm

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Over the last several weeks, delegations of farm workers and community supporters delivered written notices to employers in support of FLOC members calling for an end to abuses and corruption in their workplace. They are demanding that the farms recognize their union and negotiate to end wage theft, abuse, and intimidation they have suffered at the hands of corrupt farm labor contractor (FLC) Salvador Barajas

Watch a video of 2 FLOC members discussing this summer’s problems and reasons for joining FLOC. The video was sent by Oxfam America and we are grateful for their support:

Members Talk About Corruption and Abuse On Their Farm

Salvador Barajas, the FLC on these farms, has stolen workers’ wages and put workers’ health at risk through dilapidated housing and by forcing them to purchase unsanitary and inhumane meals at illegal prices.

Growers frequently outsource the recruitment and management of farm workers to FLCs because the costs of hiring workers directly, paying good wages, maintaining proper housing, and ensuring compliance with laws and benefits in a union contract cost money. FLCs save money by stealing from workers and not complying with the law, using threats and intimidation to keep workers quiet. FLOC has been informing the tobacco industry about these types of abuses by H2ALCs for years, but continue to meet with inaction.  

Sign this petition calling on these growers and their Farm Labor Contractor Salvador Barajas to negotiate with their employees.

*We are grateful for your support, we could not do this without you!

To: Kent Smith Farms, O.J. Smith Farms, The Bass Farms, Greenleaf Nursery Co., The Bailey Brothers Farm
From: [Your Name]

By now you are aware of the legal violations your farm labor contractor, Salvador Barajas has committed against the workforce you jointly employ, as well as the petition that a large portion of the workforce has turned in to both you and Mr. Barajas, seeking the right to organize and collectively bargain on your farm.
I write you today to urge you to communicate with the worker representatives at the Farm Labor Organizing Committee and meet in good faith to discuss the way that workers can have better treatment and fair pay on your farm. From churches, union halls, and universities around the state and around the world, workers are supported by people of good faith who are deeply concerned for the lack of rights ton your farm and seek to do all possible to support them.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

cc: Salvador Barajas