Support Medicare-for-All

Senators Cardin and Van Hollen and Representatives Trone, Ruppersberger, Hoyer, and Harris


Our Revolution Maryland supports bold progressive lawmakers like independent Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic Representatives Pramila Jayapal and Debbie Dingell who have introduced Medicare-for-All legislation in Congress.

To date, only 14 Democratic Senators are co-sponsoring Bernie's Senate bill and over 100 representatives have signed on to the Jayapal/Dingell legislation. Maryland's two U.S. Senators  - Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin - have not signed on. In the House, Representatives Jamie Raskin, John Sarbanes, Anthony Brown, and Elijah Cummings are co-sponsors. Democrats David Trone, Dutch Ruppersberger, Steny Hoyer, and Republican Andy Harris are not.

Marylanders deserve a united Democratic Congressional delegation in support of Medicare-for-All. Please sign this petition to send a message to reluctant lawmakers that we will no longer tolerate our for-profit health system which is the world's most expensive by far, leaves tens of millions without protection, drives hundreds of thousands into bankruptcy every year, including many who have health insurance and generates mediocre results.

Sign Our Revolution Maryland's Petition demanding Medicare-for-All. We plan to present this petition with signatures to Maryland's federal legislators during this Congressional session.

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To: Senators Cardin and Van Hollen and Representatives Trone, Ruppersberger, Hoyer, and Harris
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We need you to support Medicare-for-All legislation introduced by Bernie Sanders in the Senate and Representatives Jayapal and Dingell in the House of Representatives. Every single American deserves healthcare that is as good as members of Congress and their families receive at taxpayer expense.