Support our bill to protect racehorses

MP Kevin Anderson

In 2020, the Melbourne Cup claimed another victim with racehorse Anthony Van Dyck suffering a horrendous injury that ultimately cost him his life.

This tale of tragedy is a familiar one. On average 1 race horse dies every 3 days on Australian tracks, with the majority of deaths happening right here in NSW.

And it's not just deaths on the track that are rife within this industry - all too often ex-racehorses are slaughtered in knackeries when they can no longer turn a profit for their owners and trainers. In fact here in NSW new evidence has shown racehorses reported to include Madame Frost, Pending Decision, Sunday Poet, and Denman Dame have all died in knackeries just this year. We can't let these horses die in vain - that’s why we need your help to take action.

Our MP Mark Pearson will has introduced a bill to the NSW Parliament this month that will end this cruelty, by making the industry accountable and transparent, and seeking a ban on sending horses to knackeries or slaughterhouses.

Sign this petition today and join us in telling NSW Racing Minister Kevin Anderson that it's time to put the protection of horses above the profit and greed of the racing industry.

To: MP Kevin Anderson
From: [Your Name]

The horseracing industry has lost its social licence to operate.

Horses are dying on tracks and being slaughtered off track, by an industry that values profit above the welfare of horses. Under your watch as Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, NSW remains the most deadly state for on-track racehorse deaths, with 43 horses dying during the 2019-2020 racing season. ​Recent exposes also prove that ex rcehorses are being sent to knackeries and slaughterhouses in NSW.

This month Animal Justice Party MP Mark Pearson will introduce a Bill to the NSW Legislative Council that will if successful protect NSW race horses and ex-racehorses.

The Bill calls for an end to the cruel treatment of racehorses by:
Banning the slaughter of ex racehorses - no horses to be sent to knackeries or slaughterhouses;
Mandatory re-homing;
Birth to death tracking;
Banning tongue ties;
Banning whipping; and
Banning spurs.

As the Minister responsible for horseracing I am signing this petition to urge you support this Bill.