Support SB 100—Move California to 100% Clean Electricity!

State Assembly members

Please sign at right to tell your Assembly person that you support SB 100, the bill that will set California on the path to 100 percent clean energy by 2045. We can do this! With everyone's support, starting with our Sacramento decision makers.

What else can you do? You can phone your Assembly member, early and often. Click here to find his/her contact info.


Petition by
Christine Shewmaker
Woodland, California

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We urge our Assembly members to pass SB 100, the bill that directs California's agencies and businesses to plan for our clean energy future. The bill sets a critical target: that we get 100 percent of our state's electricity from carbon-free sources by 2045.

The risks a warming climate poses to California's economy and our way of life are enormous, and more obvious each year and (warmer) season. Passing this bill will help put California on the path to clean energy. If Hawaii can do it, so can we!