Support the Chesapeake National Recreation Area, National Park Service Status for the Chesapeake

Federal, state and local elected officials

This petition is organized by a coalition of organizations and people advocating for the proposed Chesapeake National Recreation Area which would bring National Park Service status to the Chesapeake Bay. Signatures will be shared with federal, state and local elected officials.

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Annapolis, MD

To: Federal, state and local elected officials
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Recognized as ‘unquestionably nationally significant’ by the National Park Service and called a national treasure by both Democratic and Republican U.S. presidents, we agree that the Chesapeake Bay deserves a unit of the National Park System dedicated to the Chesapeake Bay and support the effort underway to designate a collection of both existing and future parks and public lands along the Bay as a new Chesapeake National Recreation Area (CNRA).

Places that highlight the Bay across Maryland and Virginia, such as state and local parks and wildlife refuges, should become part of the CNRA to benefit from the resources of the National Park Service. We believe that National Park status for the Chesapeake will improve the visitor experience, increase public access to the Bay, protect the natural environment and share the interesting stories about our region.

The formal connection of these treasured areas, the expertise of the National Park Service, the additional federal resources for conservation and public access, and the power of National Park designation and branding would put the Chesapeake Bay on par with other nationally significant landscapes. A Chesapeake National Recreation Area would enhance tourism in the Bay region and provide new opportunities for communities to engage with outdoor recreation and Bay-focused tourism. Additionally, it would boost national and international support for the protection and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay.

We urge you to support the proposed Chesapeake National Recreation Area.