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The California Air Resources Board is considering a groundbreaking Advanced Clean Truck Rule requiring truck manufacturers to sell clean, zero emission trucks in California instead of dirty diesel and gasoline vehicles. Passing this rule would revolutionize the heavy duty truck market by creating new demands for clean trucks while cleaning up our air and protecting the climate.

This rule needs your help.

Join us in sending a clear message to the Air Resources Board staff and board members. Industry and polluters are exploiting the COVID-19 crisis to lobby to delay or weaken this rule. That's outrageous. We know that diesel pollution contributes to respiratory health problems like asthma. Sign our petition today and help us send a strong public health and climate message to ARB that we need a strong Clean Truck rule now.  Add your name now!

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As a Californian, I'm all too familiar with diesel truck exhaust. And I'm very worried about the air pollution caused by emissions such as diesel exhaust and the damage this is doing to people’s health and our climate.

Don't let industry lobbyists block California’s action to clean up our air. The Advanced Clean Truck rule will help improve our respiratory health, protect environmental justice communities disproportionately impacted by heavy diesel traffic and stimulate good green jobs for California workers.

I urge the CARB staff and the Board to stand by your proposed Advanced Truck Rule and the goals that it would set for 300,000 ZEV trucks by 2035. I strongly support this goal to replace dirty diesel trucks with clean trucks as fast as possible.