Support Our Wildlife

The British Government

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) says that human activity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970.

Meanwhile Chancellor Philip Hammond’s 2018 Budget contains an £800 million subsidy for dirty fuel, through the freezing of the Fuel Duty Escalator for the 9th year running.

If our children are to enjoy wildlife and the natural world, we need the Government’s priorities to change, urgently. We call on the Government to recognise the crisis facing the natural world, to stop subsiding dirty fuel and to spend the money on protecting nature.

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The 2018 Budget saw the Fuel Duty Escalator frozen for the 9th year running, meaning that dirty fuel will receive a subsidy of £800 million.

This is at a time when wildlife numbers are in steep decline due to harmful human activity. WWF suggest that 60% of animal populations have been wiped out since 1970.

We ask that the Government recognises the urgency of the threat facing our natural world and reorders its priorities accordingly - scrapping the freeze, and spending the £800 million on wildlife and habitat protection instead.