T-Mobile: Stop Using Predatory Sales Goals

T-Mobile CEO John Legere

T-Mobile needs to learn a lesson. Less than three years ago, the telecommunications giant saddled millions of customers with unwanted charges resulting in a $90 million settlement with the government.

Now, T-Mobile sales and customer service representatives say they’re under tremendous stress to meet unrealistic performance goals, forcing them to make sales at any cost, or risk retaliation in the form of reduced hours, pay cuts or job loss. A new report finds that T-Mobile’s demands leads to some staff enrolling unknowing customers with bogus charges and unwanted services.

Enough is enough. Sign our petition urging CEO John Legere to drop the high-pressure sales and finally do right by the working people of T-Mobile and their customers.

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T-Mobile: It’s not okay to use shifting and unfair sales goals to hurt workers and customers. T-Mobile should reform unreasonable sales metrics that hurt workers and consumers - and instead of muzzling your workers and their union (T-Mobile Workers United), you should meet with them.