Tackle the unacceptable traffic levels and its impact on Storrington residents NOW! We can wait no longer.

Cllr Paul Marshall, Leader of West Sussex County Council

Storrington residents have been subject to ever increasing traffic levels for years. We had a small respite as a result of the Covid pandemic, but numbers of vehicles travelling through our once tranquil village are growing daily - yet nothing is done. The problems we experience are sheer volume of traffic and speed of traffic as well as the appalling impact of noise and air pollution.

Air pollution caused by traffic can cause serious respiratory illnesses, asthma and other lung diseases, which can lead to heart disease, strokes, and even death. We need to look after the health of our children’s lungs urgently. We must clean up the air quality in Storrington now!

Joan Grech - Storrington clean air campaigner.
March 22

To: Cllr Paul Marshall, Leader of West Sussex County Council
From: [Your Name]

We, the undersigned, demand urgent action to tackle the unacceptable levels of traffic which rumble through Storrington on a daily basis. The daily traffic flow of up to 20,000 vehicles per day through the village, often travelling at speed, cause appalling noise and dangerous levels of air pollution. Elderly people feel unable to leave their homes as Manley's Hill is too treacherous for pedestrians. Measures which could help tackle this problem include:

- Putting a weight restriction on Houghton Bridge (many residents remember what a positive impact this had on traffic levels, especially on HGV levels, when the restriction was applied previously),
- Introducing a 20's plenty zone through the village, thus enhancing safety and smoothing traffic flow to reduce bunching,
- Encouraging cars in static traffic to switch their engines off to reduce noise and particulate emissions, and
- Introducing living walls (plants which grow on walls to absorb dangerous particulates emitted by exhausts).

These measures would make a huge difference to the health and wellbeing of Storrington residents. In addition they could be implemented at a low cost and within a short timescale to bring about much needed improvements.

Storrington has waited too long.

This situation needs tackling NOW, not years down the line.