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TN Court of Criminal Appeals Judges, TN Governor Bill Lee, TN Board of Parole, U.S Attorney James Douglas Overbey Eastern District of TN

    Unjolee Moore has fallen victim of perjury, official misconduct, and being forced into giving a false confession just like these injustices. After three times of being appointed ineffective and negligent legal assistance; the failures of his court appointed attorneys to provide adequate legal assistance at trial, when petitioning for a new trial, and for his first appeal proves the injustice system that we have right here in Chattanooga has failed our loved ones. Any of us, particularly Black folks, could be set-up by police, framed for a crime that we didn’t do, suffer police brutality, and end up locked away for life. It is our duty to fight for our freedom and all those suffering behind cages for petty charges and those they didn’t commit. We deserve true accountability and a fair fight for our freedoms!

    Unjolee Moore, from Chattanooga Tennessee, is the eldest of his seven brothers. Unjolee began working at Buehler’s Market at the age of fourteen, and after becoming a landscaper he taught his younger siblings how to landscape and even inspired his youngest brother to start his own lawn service. He is very passionate about helping the elderly and disabled; often providing lawn services for free. Unjolee is a member of New Enon Baptist Church where he provided lawn service for his church community. Mr. Moore strives to be spiritually, physically and emotionally fit, and is passionate about his faith. A role model for his siblings, Unjolee is sometimes jokingly called “daddy” because he is always trying to nurture them and guide them in the best direction. During his studies at Brainerd High School, he was a member of the track team and JROTC. Unjolee has a wonderful sense of humor and loves his family unconditionally.

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. [6] In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

(Proverbs 3:5-6 Unjolee’s favorite bible verse)

False accusation, coerced confession, and investigators tampering with evidence are just three of the top contributors that lead to wrongful convictions in the U.S.

    Chattanooga’s court system is corrupt and harmful. Unjolee’s court appointed attorney from trial admitted under oath that he was ineffective and that his lack of actions contributed to an innocent man being sentenced to life in prison. Another appointed attorney was discovered to have been censored twice by the state of Tennessee for professional misconduct. The third appointed attorney failed to file required documents, resulting in the denial of Mr. Moore’s first appeal. The immoral and unethical conflicts of interest between Judge Poole and Unjolee Moore must also be investigated. Not only did Poole appoint these ineffective attorneys, Judge Don Poole’s son, Chris Poole, prosecuted Mr. Moore in 2004. None of these attorneys have presented evidence of Mr.Moore’s innocence to the courts.

     Now In 2020, Unjolee Moore has a second chance at a fair trial with excellent legal representation, as well as a movement behind him! Unjolee’s attorney has filed his case with the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals to be presented in front of a panel of three judges. If Mr. Moore receives two out of three judges rule in his favor, his wrongful conviction will be reversed and overturned! There are countless cases like Mr. Moore’s in the city. The Chattanooga Police Department (CPD) continues to tamper with evidence, intimidate and brutalize our people into giving false confessions, as well as judicial and prosecutorial misconduct that results in our people being caged and dehumanized by the State. Community members across Chattanooga, the state of Tennessee, and the entire Global South, recognize that the fight to #FreeUnjolee is a fight for Black liberation for all! Together we will win!

  • Bring awareness to the fight to #FreeUnjolee by sharing his story. Tell everyone you can about the racist and crooked CPD that framed him for felony murder, and how the judicial system ignored evidence of his innocence.

  • Email the Court of Criminal Appeals and let them know that we, the people, are watching and taking action!

  • Fight for the wrongfully convicted, as well as all of our folks on the inside, and demand that they be released immediately from jail and prison.

  • Join the global fight to end police brutality, white supremacy, capitalism, and local and state violence.  

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To: TN Court of Criminal Appeals Judges, TN Governor Bill Lee, TN Board of Parole, U.S Attorney James Douglas Overbey Eastern District of TN
From: [Your Name]

The undersigned are demanding that Unjolee Moore be given a fair trial. We cannot allow our dear brother to die in prison. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this demand has become even more pressing as a matter of life and death. False accusations, coerced confessions, and investigators tampering with evidence are just three of the top contributors that lead to wrongful convictions in the U.S. The state has already taken a decade of Unjolee’s life away. Mr. Moore was tortured and brutalized into giving a false confession, denied of his basic human rights, as well as his constitutional rights, and framed for felony murder without DNA evidence and witness testimonies linking him to the crime. The negligent, malpractice, and ineptitude that has been displayed by Judge Don Poole, as well as each of the attorneys appointed by Poole to represent Unjolee, has exposed how the judicial system is designed to protect the interests of police, the rich, and the well connected white people of our city. Do not allow this string of injustices to continue. Grant Unjolee Moore the right to a fair trial and give his appeal your seal of approval.