TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to close huge tax loopholes enjoyed by the Koch brothers and other billionaires.

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By massively favoring income earned from wealth over work, the U.S. tax system has grown the fortunes of millionaires and billionaires while starving our country of critically needed investments ranging from schools to roads and bridges to healthcare and more.

Now, thanks to all our hard work together, we’re beginning to see progressive tax reform plans in Congress and from presidential candidates to address the extreme concentration of wealth among just a small number of families.

Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund is leading the effort to close a loophole that allows millionaires and billionaires to avoid paying any federal income tax when their businesses and stock portfolios rise in value. It’s our top priority. We are working with our allies in Congress right now to draft legislation that will soon be introduced to make the wealthy “pay as they profit,” so they can no longer defer or avoid altogether the taxes that should be paid on this massive wealth accumulation.

Tell Congress that it’s time to close tax loopholes and finally tax wealth just like we tax work.

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At the time of his death last week, David Koch was worth an estimated $50 billion. And now, his heirs will likely receive much of that fortune completely tax free because Koch’s wealth is due to the increased value of his businesses and stock, which has never been taxed. Our tax system even lets his heirs inherit much of this great untaxed wealth from stock tax free. It’s time for Congress to end this rigged tax system that grows the fortunes of a few at the expense of the rest of us.