Take Back The Tap @ GW

President Thomas LeBlanc


Water privatization is a means for large corporations to make profit from our most valuable natural resource by inflating prices and targeting consumers everyday. This process not only leaves a permanent mark on our environment but it also denies us our most inalienable right- access to affordable, clean water.

The Take Back The Tap campaign at GW aims to educate students about water privatization in the plastic bottle industry and in turn, encourage them to reduce the use of single use plastic water bottles on campus.

We can't do it without YOU!

By signing this petition you are pledging to make an effort to reduce the plastic water bottle presence on campus by using your own reusable water daily. Our goal is to prove to President LeBlanc that we, as a private university are not subject to the grips of the water bottle industry and that the future of water lies in the hands of individual, reusable water bottles.

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Facebook: @TBTTGWU

To: President Thomas LeBlanc
From: [Your Name]

To: Thomas LeBlanc
From: [Your Name]

Dear President LeBlanc,

I am signing this petition in effort to reduce the sale of single use plastic water bottles on campus and to advocate for more accessible refill stations in high trafficked buildings.

I am aware that you are involved with the private contracts we hold with our several dining options. However, I am calling on you to emphasize the importance of reducing the sale of single use plastics from these dining services and to provide the student body with more opportunities to use reusable bottles daily.

Bottled water production and consumption are destroying our planet and it is our responsibility to combat the manipulation we are facing from large corporations.

I will no longer stand for this, will you?

A Colonial who cares