Take the Pledge: Everyone Flies With Me



I am a frequent flier who believes that we can change the culture of fear and harassment in air travel by actively and visibly taking a stand against the practice of profiling travelers based on their actual or perceived skin color, ability, native language, size, race, religion, hairstyle, gender, or any other individual trait that may lead to discrimination.

When I am traveling, I pledge to:

  • Stay alert and aware of my surroundings when I am on board aircraft.

  • Help my fellow travelers out when I am able, and be a welcoming presence that proactively supports access: for example, exercising patience during my own travel hassles, not wearing scented products, and offering to help other passengers get comfortably situated on board.

  • Speak up when I notice other passengers or airline staff casually profiling fellow travelers.

  • Advocate for fellow travelers who are being harassed by other passengers or airline staff.

  • Intervene when fellow travelers are asked to leave aircraft because they have been casually profiled by other passengers, whenever possible.

  • Help document instances of profiling: keep a record of airline, flight number, and relevant details of an ejection in the event I have the opportunity to help bolster someone’s case.

  • Exercise discretion in sharing details of instances of profiling, and respect the needs of fellow travelers when disclosing information about incidents.

  • Offer a smile or kind word to my fellow travelers in distress, no matter the reason.

In an age when the ability to travel is often a job requirement in order to make ends meet for our families, everyone deserves to make it to their destination unharassed and unmolested.

I am taking this pledge because everyone flies with me.

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