Teacher Retirement System of Texas Must Divest from Weapons Dealers

Texan Government


The Teacher Retirement System of Texas (#18 on World's Largest Pensions as of 2015 according to: pension360.org ) has these investments in 14 of the top 20 weapons dealers (in number of shares):
Lockheed Martin Corp 219,869.000
Boeing Co 408,212.000
BAE Systems 1,275,550.000
Raytheon Company 322,676.000
Northrop Grumman Corp 292,680.000
General Dynamic Corp 66,502.000
Airbus Group 727,144.000
United Technologies Corp 250,528.000
L3 Communications Holdings 311,140.000
Thales 354,221.000
Huntington Ingalls 393,237.000
Rolls Royce Group 3,788,702.000
Rolls Royce Hldgs 51,728,610.000
Rolls Royce Holdings 1,124,535.000
Safran 918,509.000
Honeywell 791,020.000
Textron 22,430.000

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Divest from weapons dealers.