Tell AFP to Get Out of Our Elections!

Americans For Prosperity

A few days ago, the Koch money-backed advocacy group, Americans For Prosperity (AFP) mailed out incorrect voter registration information to hundreds of citizens in North Carolina - and at least one cat. That's right, a cat. The group labeled these mailings as "official application forms" in an attempt to trick citizens into thinking they were registering to vote in the upcoming election.

Ridiculous attempts like this to rig elections must stop now! 

To make the matter worse, no one seems to know where AFP got the list of people this mailing went to,  and a citizen has even reported the "form" he received was addressed to his cat.

This has to be the final straw for all Americans, not just NC voters. This is the United States of America - not the United States of David and Charles Koch. If action isn't taken on this now, we are letting the Koch brothers pick and choose who they want to sit in our legislatures and, serve as our judges.

Join me in demanding that Americans For Prosperity explain to NC voters why they are illegally and unethically tampering with our democracy!

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To: Americans For Prosperity
From: [Your Name]

Mr. Koch,

Your group, Americans for Prosperity, has tried for years to purchase our democracy. Your recent stunt in North Carolina is the breaking point. We will not stand by any longer and watch as you try to corrupt our government, and our way of life.

Today, we declare independence from you and your exploitation of the American voter. We assure you that we will stop at nothing to keep you, and your money from destroying the greatness of this country.