Tell Brighton and Hove Council to sort out recycling on our beaches

Brighton and Hove City Council


Brighton and Hove’s beaches are a recycling disgrace. Every day hundreds of bottles, cans, containers and bits of packaging either end up in the sea or in a rubbish bin.

Better recycling facilities along our shoreline for everyone to use could make the world of difference. But there’s hardly a recycling bin in sight on the beachfront – from Saltdean to Portslade.

It’s just rubbish. Every year tonnes of paper, glass and plastic waste collected on our beaches is sent to the Newhaven incinerator to be burnt – instead of being recycled.

If other councils like Eastbourne can put recycling bins on their beaches, so can Brighton and Hove.

To: Brighton and Hove City Council
From: [Your Name]

I want Brighton and Hove council to install easily accessible recycling bins with clear signage all along the seafront from Saltdean to Portslade – and make sure what goes in gets recycled, not burnt.