Tell California Legislators: Increase funding to advance neighborhood-led climate equity!

California State Legislators


Low-income communities and communities of color are first and worst hit by climate change and its impacts on our family’s health and well-being. Our families have endured pollution from oil refineries, fracking sites, and power plants in our backyards. That’s why we need Governor Brown and the California State Legislature to support comprehensive investments for our state’s most vulnerable regions to make sure that these communities can get the critical resources they need to improve their health and environment.

Right now, the California State Legislature is considering a bill, AB 2722, the Transformative Climate Communities program that will develop and implement innovative, neighborhood-led sustainability plans to reduce pollution by creating new public transit, renewable energy, affordable housing and environmentally healthy communities. Imagine affordable housing near transit with solar, green spaces that reduce run off while providing places for our kids to play.

We need environmental justice to be a priority in our state budget to ensure that our state’s overburdened communities can directly benefit from climate investments that will achieve multiple local economic, environmental, and health benefits.

Your voice matters in the struggle to build a future where all people can realize their right to a healthy environment.

Sign this petition to tell legislators to support AB 2722’s investment of $250 million for the Transformative Climate Communities that will advance neighborhood-led climate equity!

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As a California voter concerned about pollution and climate change, I urge you to support AB 2722 (Burke) when it comes to vote in your committee

The Transformative Climate Communities will create a statewide program that will provide comprehensive, cross-cutting climate investments to achieve multiple, coordinated greenhouse gas reduction projects that will direct local economic, environmental, and health benefits to our state’s most vulnerable communities.

The program will promote multi-stakeholder collaborations and leverage a range of funding sources, including private-sector funding, to maximize impact in a holistic manner, rather than project-specific silos that have limited the kinds of projects funded by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. This would look like affordable housing near transit with solar, green spaces that reduce run off while providing places for our kids to play.

This program is an important investment to address climate change and promote equitable sustainable development that includes a range of neighborhood assets. California is growing and quickly adapting to accommodate this growth, so we need to ensure our most vulnerable communities are protected.

I urge you to please support AB 2722’s investment of $250 million for this program to reach the top 25% impacted census districts according to CalEnviroScreen 2.0 so that this program can have the most broad and long-lasting impact for the communities that need it the most.