Tell Congress: Hands off Social Security!

U.S. House and Senate

Alan Simpson―the co-chair of the Simpson-Bowles Commission―is at it again. He’s resurrecting his stale talking points that cut Social Security: Raising the retirement age, implementing a benefit cutting chained CPI, and questioning Social Security’s “solvency.”

We’re not letting Alan Simpson try and justify cuts to Social Security. We’re fighting back!

Sign the petition today telling our elected officials to drop the stale Alan Simpson-Wall Street talking points. When they return next week and begin their work on the debt ceiling, they better keep their hands off Social Security!

To: U.S. House and Senate
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Social Security has never contributed one penny to our nation’s debt. It is independently funded by the payroll tax and should be left out of any discussions about the debt ceiling and the federal budget. When you return next week, we demand that you keep your hands off of Social Security.