Tell Congress: Impeach Alito!

All Members of Congress

Graphic with picture of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. Text reads, "Justice Samuel Alito says the Supreme Court is NOT a 'dangerous cabal.' Riiiiiiigjt. It was just 'pure coincidence; when they churned out 80 partisan 5-4 decisions for Republican donors, open dark money floodgates, crippled the Voting Rights Act, unleashed partisan bulk gerrymandering and protected corporations from court.

The right-wing Supreme Court is losing its legitimacy by destroying our democracy and putting conservative and corporate interests over our rights.

Congress must act to restore balance and put the American people first!

That’s why we’re calling on Congress to start with impeaching Justice Samuel Alito, an ultra-conservative judge who’s been on the bench since 2006.

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Impeach Supreme Court Justice Alito!