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Starting on October 5th, immigrant youth will be barred from renewing their DACA applications. Tens of thousands of immigrant youth will be vulnerable to the whims of Trump’s deportation agents.

The best way to fix this situation is for Congress to pass a clean DREAM Act with a clear path to citizenship. We need to make sure that they fulfill their promises. It’s time to call your member of Congress and demand that they pass a clean DREAM Act.

While the forecast is clear for a version of the DREAM Act to pass, there’s also a good chance that this bill will be peppered with severe enforcement clauses and further militarization of the border. In other words, this might be the excuse to build Trump’s wall. This is why we need the constituents, all of you, to call your member of Congress to demand a clean DREAM Act.

When DACA recipients submitted applications, America made a promise to young undocumented immigrants. In exchange for a work permit and a reprieve from deportation until a solution could be worked out, undocumented youth would follow the stringent DACA program conditions, pay hefty filing fees every two years, and entrust the government with personal information. Now, the 800,000 who believed in the promise are at a great risk: the government has all the information, but will not uphold its end of the bargain.

It is morally reprehensible for Congress to include enforcement measures because this effectively asks DACA recipients to choose themselves over their parents, tearing their families apart. We refuse to accept more deportation agents, more militarization and surveillance in border communities, and more detention camps warehousing our parents and community members.

Twenty percent of the 800,000 DACA recipients are Asian American. We cannot allow them to be bargaining chips for Trump to build his wall and terrorize border communities. It’s high time we pass a clean DREAM Act. Anything less would be breaking our promises to our fellow Americans.

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It's time Congress passes a clean DREAM Act.