Tell Congress: Reject Trump's attack on refugees

U.S. Congress


Dozens of families who went through extensive screening processes up to two-years long were on flights to begin their new lives in the U.S. when Donald Trump issued his executive order. Now they’re being held indefinitely and threatened with being sent back to the terrible war and violence they were fleeing.

This is an attack on our values as New Yorkers.

Demand that Congress immediately address Donald Trump’s unconstitutional executive order and demanding the release of all refugees being unjustly detained.

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Albany, NY

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We cannot turn our backs on families fleeing violence and war, with nowhere else to turn.

President Trump's executive order banning entry from seven Muslim-majority countries and shutting out refugees is an attack on our values as New Yorkers.

I'm writing to demand that you take immediate action to address this unconstitutional executive order and to release all of the refugees being unjustly detained at airports across the country.