Tell Congress to oppose NAFTA rules that encourage corporate power grabs

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Multinational corporations are trying to make sure that the new North American Free Trade Agreement includes a way for them to sue our government if it passes laws that protect working people that conflict with the companies' ability to turn a better profit. Working families have borne the brunt of this terrible trade deal for the past 25 years. Our next trade agreement cannot be made without taking working people into account.

Fill out the form to add your name now and tell Congress to put working families first by opposing the inclusion of Investor-State Dispute Settlement, or ISDS, in the renegotiated NAFTA agreement.

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Investor-State Dispute Settlement is nothing more than a corporate power grab over ​our communities​ ​and our democracy. Laws that protect working people should not be subject to trade ​rules that encourage attacks on our health, safety and environmental laws. Please support the elimination of ISDS​ in NAFTA and in any future trade deal​.