Tell Derbyshire County Council to take responsibility and protect River Derwent biodiversity

Derbyshire County Council and the Environment Agency

Pollution is a serious issue when it comes to UK rivers. The River Derwent is an important asset when it comes to Derbyshire's local environment, therefore it is vital that we take care of its condition.

This can be done by strict conservation work alongside quality education regarding the matter. We will ensure the Derbyshire County Council and the Environment Agency cleans and maintains the river to a standard that will protect biodiversity and restores its former beauty.

As you may know, it is our duty to be custodians for wildlife in order to protect it from natural and human harm.

Your support will put words into action and therefore keep the River Derwent clean.

What we aim to achieve?

  • Clean and safe river for wildlife and recreation
  • Reinforce current education regarding river pollution
  • Implement fines for littering
  • Healthier environment around the River Derwent
  • Consistent clean ups to ensure its maintenance

Thank you for your time and environmental support.

To: Derbyshire County Council and the Environment Agency
From: [Your Name]

Biodiversity is decreasing due to pollution in the River Derwent [find source]. It’s affecting the countryside around the river because plastic bottles, crisp packets and general waste end up in the water. We need your support with protecting the wildlife and having a clean river that people can enjoy. To achieve our goal we need you to:

1. Organise a mass clean up of the waste in River Derwent that runs through Derbyshire, starting with the Belper area;

2. Ensure it stays clean through more recycling and waste bins that are emptied regularly, increasing recycling incentives, reinforcing littering fines and organising regular litter picking.