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Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange county commissioners and judges, and elected officials in the city of Beaumont!

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To: Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange county commissioners and judges, and elected officials in the city of Beaumont!
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On May 1, ExxonMobil locked out 650 employees represented by United Steelworkers (USW) Local 13-243 at the Refinery and Blending/Packing Plant in Beaumont, Texas. The company is demanding deep concessions that will harm safety, seniority rights and job security. I am asking for your assistance in ending this lockout and putting the members of our community back to work.

Just weeks before the lockout, management called 13-243 members “world-class workers.” Union employees kept production going through the Covid-19 pandemic, hurricanes, power outages and ice storms. Now, ExxonMobil has thrown these world-class workers out on the street.

ExxonMobil is putting our community at risk by operating without its highly-trained and experienced union workforce. We all remember the explosion and fire at TPC in Port Neches at the end of 2019 and the severe damage done to workers and the environment. We don’t want ExxonMobil rolling the dice when it comes to our community’s health and safety.

Our community is also paying an economic price during the lockout. Community businesses are losing reliable customers and our local governments are seeing an erosion of the tax base which funds schools and public services. The lockout is costing millions and millions of dollars in lost wages, business sales and lost tax revenue. The lockout has a ripple effect that will cause job losses across our region.

ExxonMobil needs to put these 650 families back to work while negotiations continue.

As an elected representative of our community, I’m asking you to contact ExxonMobil CEO Darren Woods and let him know it is time to end the lockout and bargain in good faith for a fair deal which benefits everyone. He may be reached at or at 972-940-6000

You may also contact USW Local 13-243 at 409-842-3952 to learn more and discuss how else you can support your constituents in their hour of need.