Tell Gov. Snyder and Congress: Fix Flint’s Failing Infrastructure

Governor Rick Snyder and U.S. Congress

The Flint, Michigan, water crisis has raised many serious questions about the way the lead contamination in the city’s water supply was handled. But more than that, this situation has adversely affected real people and brought to light the dire need to fix the failing infrastructure in Michigan that working families rely on.

Sign the petition asking Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Congress to prioritize the families of Flint by replacing the city’s water pipes and providing full reimbursement for water bill charges. 

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To: Governor Rick Snyder and U.S. Congress
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The contaminated water crisis in Flint, Michigan, is affecting real working families with health difficulties and rising medical costs. Prioritize the people of Flint by :

*Replacing the contaminated water pipes immediately.

*Providing full reimbursement to affected Flint residents for water bill charges.

*Implementing long-term health monitoring services and education wrap-around services.