Tell Hillary #NotMySchool!

Hillary Clinton


Recently Hillary Clinton said "I wouldn't keep any school open that wasn't doing a better than average job" - taken literally, this means she would, as president, work towards closing nearly half of the schools in the country.

Hillary Clinton has for years had a close relationship with Eli Broad. Eli Broad led to the closure of dozens of schools in Chicago, Philadelphia, and other areas. These closures have harmed communities and disrupted families.
We call on Hillary Clinton to clarify her statement and release her school closure plan before the Iowa caucus. Parents, teachers, and students deserve to know if their child's school will be closed.
Petition by
Melissa Tomlinson
Mays Landing, New Jersey

To: Hillary Clinton
From: [Your Name]

Mrs. Clinton,

Recently you said "I wouldn't keep any school open that wasn't doing a better than average job."

That means my school would be closed!

I have been a dedicated teacher that has worked hard to give my students what they need, facing numerous reforms and budgetary cuts that have done nothing but harm our public schools. I've been fighting racist, immoral standardized testing and speaking against policies that have increased the segregation of our communities.

Meanwhile your close relationship with Eli Broad, a person that personally approves plans to close schools in major american cities can potentially place more of our schools in danger of closing, as evidenced by your statement. If you become president, will Eli Broad be working for you?

As a person that is dedicated to the true improvement of our public schools as community institutions that run under local control, I demand that you release your school closure plan before the Iowa caucus. We all have the right to know:

Are you going to close my school?