Tell ICE: Release Father of Two from Detention!

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Manuel Armando Arpi was transferred to Etowah County Detention Center in Alabama, over one thousand miles away from his family. Manuel is a community member who is hardworking and a very loving father to his children and wife.

Manuel Armando was a great father figure for his two kids who are 17 and 15 years old. Outside of being part of the community and volunteering Manuel spend most of his time with his two kids. Each spring they would plant their garden and Manuel would teach them how plants grew.

This is the father that ICE separated from his family, add your name and share to demand his release now!

URGENT: Manuel Armando Arpi is currently being held in Orange County Correctional Facility in New York, where he has been since November 14th, 2017. Manuel has two children and a wife who miss him dearly and need him by their side. Please sign the petition now to demand his release from detention.

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Manuel Armando Arpi (A# 074-149-491) must be released from Orange County Correctional Facility NOW! Urge ICE to give him a day in court.We demand that he be given his legal right to see an immigration judge in court and fight his case without being in a detention camp.

Manuel Armando Arpi migrated to the US in 1995 and could potentially qualify for the Dream Act. He left Ecuador with the hopes to find a better life and to live with dignity. When coming to the US, he was detained and released on bond. Manuel was recently made aware that his detention in 1995 resulted in a removal order -- he was still a minor.

Today, Manuel is the main sustenance for the family he formed with his wife Marcia, and his two beautiful children -- Bryant who is 17 years old and Jefferson who is 15 years old. Manuel has already missed important and memorable dates with his family. Please release Manuel and reunite him with his family who miss him and need him by their side.