Tell ICE: Release Jose Saeteros Now!

Immigrantion and Customs Enforcement

Once again Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has ripped another family apart in Queens, NY!

Jose Saeteros was taken from his family on January 23rd, 2018 after ICE agents barged into his home under false pretenses. They claimed to be doing an investigation and incited fear so they would let them inside their home. ICE disclosed their identity once they handcuffed Jose inside his home.

We can not continue to let ICE target, detain and deport our families. This must stop. Sign this petition now!

Jose is a father to 4 beautiful children; the youngest is just 2 and his oldest is 12 and all of them need special medical care. After Jose’s detention, going to the doctor’s appointments and paying bills has become harder to the point that his family was forced to move into a shelter. They need our support now to get their father back home!
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You must release Jose Saeteros from detention now and make sure he returns to his family in Queens, NY.