Tell ICE: Release Manuel Zhinin Now!

Immigration and Customs Enforcement


Manuel Zhinin -- a father and husband from New York -- was detained outside his home as he was leaving for work. Three ICE agents approached his car and asked if he was someone else. When Manuel responded “no,” they asked if he was Manuel. When he confirmed his identity, they detained him on the spot.

Not only has ICE detained Manuel for six months, ICE transferred Manuel to a detention center over one thousand miles away from his family. He is now being held in Etowah County Detention Center in Alabama. They’ve made it impossible for his family to see him.

We need your help to make sure Manuel Zhinin is released and reunited with his family. They miss him every day. When he called from the detention center the other week, his little girl told him that their pet-fish died. Now she is waiting for him to be released so they can buy some new fish together.

Let’s stand with Manuel’s wife and his daughter!

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Release Manuel Zhinin now, he should be home with his family not in a detention camps hundreds of miles away from his family!