Tell LAUSD: Stop Starving L.A. Schools

LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner

Los Angeles educators are fighting for every child in the city to have a safe and welcoming place for learning, and they’re fighting against the austerity measures for public schools that the Los Angeles Unified School District superintendent continues to promote, despite almost $2 billion in reserves.

Throughout the last year of bargaining with the district, members of United Teachers Los Angeles have fought to create a better future for our students. Yet LAUSD has refused to bargain issues that would give our schools a fighting chance.

LAUSD has even rejected improvements with little or no costs, including those to address declining enrollment. It is clear this is a part of the privatization agenda to starve our schools rather than reinvest in them.

Enough is enough. L.A. students and educators deserve better. That’s why UTLA members are on strike.

Contact Superintendent Austin Beutner now and urge him to meet the demands of Los Angeles teachers, parents and students.

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To: LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner
From: [Your Name]

I urge you to meet the demands of United Teachers Los Angeles and use the $1.8 billion in LAUSD reserves now to fund our schools.

California ranks 48 out of 50 states in class size. LAUSD classes are so big that students often don’t have enough seats or books, and can’t get the attention they need from their teachers.

I stand with the teachers, parents and students of Los Angeles. I hope you will too.