Tell owner Vincent Frattura: Meet with unjustly fired workers

Vincent Frattura, Chief Executive and Owner of Hoffs Bakery

PETITION UPDATE: March 23rd, 2021

We delivered your 412 signatures on Tuesday, March 9th to Hoff’s Bakery in Malden, MA! Below are THREE ways you can support the workers.

Thank you for supporting immigrant womxn workers who worked 7-13+ years at Hoff’s Bakery and were fired unjustly during the pandemic. “In April 2020, Hoff’s received $1.21 million from the Paycheck Protection Program. The bakery, estimated to be worth $16 million, received a five-year property tax break from the city, resulting in savings totaling $570,000. Despite only paying 80% of their property taxes and receiving a million-dollar bailout, not all employees were called back when the bakery reopened for production.” (Koperek, Working Mass)

On Tuesday, March 19th at 12pm we delivered the petition with your 412 signatures to Hoff’s . We demanded that Vincent Frattura answer our request to schedule a meeting with the workers by Tuesday, March 17. Since we didn't hear from Hoff’s, we will rally outside Frattura's home in Medford, in support of the workers who demand that their voices be heard. This is happening to workers all over the United States during the pandemic. These womxns’ voices will not fall on deaf ears, but we cannot do this without you, so please continue to support these immigrant womxn!

You can support them by:

1)  Joining us on Saturday, March 27th at 10:00am at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford, together we will walk to Frattura's home.

2)  Donating to the workers GoFundMe! Let’s show these workers they have a community behind them

3)  Leave Hoff’s Bakery a review and tell that you will no longer support a business that does not treat long-time employees with the respect and dignity they deserve. They have been reporting our reviews and taking down our posts. We need everyone’s support! Leave your reviews here.

**You can read Boston’s Democratic Social America Labor Blog story over the workers here**

At the beginning of 2020, before the pandemic, Hoff’s Bakery fired dozens of its immigrant womxn workers that had dedicated 7-13+ years of work to the family business. Hoff's Bakery was founded 33 years ago by Vincent Frattura and his wife, Donna. Hoff’s originally operated out of a 30,000 square-foot facility in Medford until March 2016 when they relocated to a 100,000 square-foot facility in Malden, a 19.5 million dollar investment supported in part by Economic Incentive Program Tax Credits.

Despite the family values Vincent claims to hold close, Hoff’s fired a group of long-time workers and had them apply through a temp agency, Masis Staffing Solutions. Since the pandemic has pushed thousands of black and brown womxn out of the workforce, the immigrant womxn workers were left with few options; in order to continue working after their terminations at Hoff’s, they were instructed to apply for employment under Masis Staffing. After 2 months of working at Hoff’s under Masis Staffing, they were fired without explanation.

We have asked Vincent Frattura multiple times to have an hour long meeting with the womxn that have been out of work and have been struggling to feed and keep their children warm and safe during the pandemic. We are demanding a meeting to obtain an explanation for the blatant disregard for the livelihood of these families. We are also asking that Vincent provide restitution in the form of severance pay.

To: Vincent Frattura, Chief Executive and Owner of Hoffs Bakery
From: [Your Name]

Dear Vincent Frattura,

I am writing to urge you to meet with the womxn workers you fired without an explanation and without any safety net to allow them to keep caring for their own families. These womxn have dedicated years of service to your family owned business. We are also asking that you provide restitution in the form of severance pay.
I hope we can count on you to meet with them to show them that you care for their wellbeing and for the loved ones that depend on them.