Tell Pat Toomey: Get Rid of Tax Loopholes for Wall Street Billionaires

Senator Pat Toomey

Wall Street billionaires are getting a tax loophole that allows them to pay lower tax rates than teachers, nurses and other working people.

Republicans in Congress, including Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), are refusing to end this giveaway, which means billions are going into the pockets of Wall Street executives instead of fixing crumbling bridges and schools or funding education for our children.

Sign the petition to tell Pat Toomey to stop putting billionaires before working people and close the carried interest tax loophole for Wall Street executives now.

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Wall Street big shots should not be paying a lower tax rate than nurses, teachers and other working people. Instead of giving back billions to Wall Street executives, we should be using that money to fund education for our children and fixing our crumbling bridges and schools. It’s time to close the carried interest loophole for Wall Street billionaires.