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President Donald Trump

Updated 6/16/20

Despite a current worldwide pandemic, and an intensive domestic criminal justice crisis , the U.S. Attorney General has set four federal death row prisoner execution dates for this summer:  July 13, July 15, July 17 and August 28.  

Over the last 56 years, there have only been three federal executions carried out, and the last one was in 2003. To resume federal executions once again is an affront to the progress this country has made in eliminating the death penalty state-by-state and bringing us in-line with international human rights standards.

Please sign this petition, which will convey your message to the President, and add you to the list of Death Penalty Action.

Learn more and take additional action here, especially if the executions are not stayed.


Besides the use of the federal death penalty being an affront to human rights and criminal justice, there are other factors surrounding each case:

Daniel Lee, scheduled for execution on July 13 for the murder of William Mueller, Nancy Mueller, and Sarah Powell - Not only have two federal judges, both appointed by Republican presidents, found on two different grounds that Mr. Lee’s death sentence was unfairly obtained and should be invalidated, but the victims’ family all oppose the execution and believe a life sentence is appropriate.

Wes Purkey, scheduled for execution on July 15 for the murder of Jennifer Long - The Eighth Amendment prohibits executing someone who lacks a rational understanding of the basis for his execution, and a pending lawsuit argues that executing Mr. Purkey would be unconstitutional - because he suffers from schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and a lifetime of trauma which have all left Wes unable to comprehend why the federal government plans to execute him.

Dustin Honken, scheduled for execution on July 17 for the murder of Kandi Duncan and Amber Duncan - Mr. Honken's death sentence was imposed for murders committed in the state of Iowa, which abolished the death penalty in 1965, and which could have prosecuted him in state court. Additionally, his trial and sentencing were plagued by misconduct and the ineffectiveness of counsel, who failed to adequately inform the jury of his severely dysfunctional background or his mental health problems.

Keith Nelson, scheduled for execution on August 28 for the murder of Pamela Butler - Mr. Nelson's case has issues of ineffective counsel which warrants a case review in court.

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Our nation is strong enough and smart enough that it can hold dangerous offenders accountable and be safe from them without executions. We do that every day in the vast majority of homicide cases. 

* The death penalty is not an effective tool to stop crime. 
* Government makes mistakes, the criminal justice system is fraught with disparity and unfairness.
* Prison workers should not be forced to take on the burden of killing defenseless prisoners once let alone at the rapid pace of the current federal execution schedule.
* It is a cruel hoax to suggest that executions provide healing to murder victim family members. We can and must do better for the families left behind in the wake of violence.  

I urge you to commute all federal death sentences to life in prison with no possibility of parole. Thank you.