Tell Your Senators: We Need Medicare for All Now

U.S. Senate

Health care is a human right, and no one should go bankrupt or die because they can’t afford it.

Medicare for All legislation has just been reintroduced to the Senate by Senator Bernie Sanders. Medicare for All is supported by the vast majority of Americans -- the time to pass it is NOW. The COVID pandemic has exposed the failures of linking health insurance to employment. We cannot afford to wait any longer to establish health care as a basic right for all.

Tell the Senate to pass Bernie’s Medicare for All bill and ensure that every person is guaranteed quality health care regardless of their ability to pay.

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Right now, the US spends more per person on health care than any other country, but we are less healthy and live shorter lives compared to our peers. Every other industrialized nation already has a form of Medicare for All because it’s the most practical, cost-efficient way to provide quality care to all.

Just like public education and fire protection, we can make health care accessible to all Americans regardless of income and create a health care system that works for everyone – not just the insurance companies.

Support for Medicare for All is at an all-time high and growing fast among Democrats and Republicans. The American people are ready, but we’re up against powerful companies who are profiting from the status quo.

Let’s make health care about people, not profits.