Tell Texas politicians to stop bullying families of trans kids

Texas Governor Abbot and DFPS Commissioner Jaime Masters

Person holding a sign that reads "Protect Trans Kids"

Parents of trans kids know that the evidence is overwhelming: gender affirming care saves trans kids’ lives.

But the state of Texas is trying to say that this gender-affirming care—administered by experienced pediatricians in careful consultation with families—is child abuse. Even worse, they tried to “investigate” the parents of trans children who are getting them that care (including one parent who works for the agency responsible for these investigations)!

A judge has temporarily suspended this policy, but we need to make sure it's overturned permanently.

Parents across the country are appalled at these actions and that’s why President Biden and his administration have strongly stated that they will do what they can to support and protect these children—but they need you to stand with them as well!

Please sign the petition to the governor of Texas and the Commissioner of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Make sure no transgender children are torn away from loving families.

To: Texas Governor Abbot and DFPS Commissioner Jaime Masters
From: [Your Name]

Gender affirming care for transgender children is a life-saving medical treatment. By calling it child abuse and investigating it as such, you are setting up families to be torn apart and causing irrevocable harm to children.

Adolescents and young adults who receive gender-affirming care are 60 percent less likely to experience depression and 73 percent less likely to commit suicide.

Please reverse your damaging new policy against trans children and their parents, and immediately cease investigating parents who are doing the best for their children.