Tell The Reason Foundation: Public Pensions Must Be Protected!

The Reason Foundation

The libertarian Reason Foundation is an anti-government and anti-worker think tank that is openly antagonistic to public employees and their retirement security. For years, the Reason Foundation has been campaigning against public pensions in numerous states, including Kentucky, Arizona, Colorado, and Michigan, with frighteningly effective tactics.

Much of the money behind the Reason Foundation’s attacks comes from anti-pension ideologue John Arnold, the former-Enron trader turned Wall Street billionaire. In fact, the Arnold Foundation recently granted an additional $4 million to the Reason Foundation to continue funding their efforts to make public pensions a thing of the past.

We’ve had enough. Tell the Reason Foundation that public pensions are a necessary good, giving hard-working public employees a secure retirement while also stimulating not just local economies, but America’s economy. Write them today!

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To: The Reason Foundation
From: [Your Name]

Hardworking public employees all over America depend on their defined-benefit pensions to provide a secure retirement. I understand The Reason Foundation has played and continues to play an active role in lobbying to make public pensions a relic of a time gone by. If you succeed, local and state economies will suffer, public employees will become more difficult to recruit and retain, and retirees who dedicated their entire lives to their communities will be left without a secure retirement.

I know the Reason Foundation is a libertarian organization, advocating for smaller government and fewer people depending on government services. If your goal of abolishing public pensions is accomplished, we will see more and more seniors turning to social services for their needs in retirement. I ask you to use reason, your organization’s namesake, when considering this issue: public pensions must be protected, for the good of retirees but also for the good of our country.