Tell the US Secretary of Education to protect our children because Governor DeSantis is refusing to do so

Secretary of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona and the Biden Administration

Who would threaten to defund and close schools during a worldwide pandemic? Who would allow children to needlessly die?

Governor Ron DeSantis has failed and continues to fail to keep Florida families safe.

We can all agree that regardless of the money in our bank account, the zip code we live in, or the color of our skin, our Florida children, teachers, and families deserve to be healthy and have leaders that follow the recommendations top health professionals, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), and the American Academy of Pediatrics; that children (and caregivers) wear a mask.

Instead of focusing on Florida's families, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has increased his radical behavior and his out of state fundraising. The governor is pandering to Trump's base as he eyes a run for the presidency. Unfortunately the children, teachers, families, and the people of Florida can not trust the health and well-being of our loved ones to a man that has been so radicalized and purposefully neglects Florida.

Can you please take 1 (one) minute to send a message to the US Secretary of Education (appointed by Biden) and the Biden administration to use the power of their offices to protect the health and well-being of children in Florida schools.

We must push back on this or stand ready to throw out all public health measures (polio and measles shots, seat belts, driving under the influence, nuclear plants in your back yard, etc.).

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To: Secretary of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona and the Biden Administration
From: [Your Name]

We are urging you, Dr. Miguel Cardona, as the Secretary of Education to mandate that the decisions of the local school boards be adhered to. It is up to the Biden administration to protect our children, our most vulnerable. Broward County School Board has determined that for the safety of the students, staff and teachers it will be required for masks to be worn within school grounds. Governor DeSantis has issued an Executive Order to supersede the decision of local school boards we are asking him to keep out of local decisions and let our elected officials do their jobs to protect our children & communities.

Smoking is not allowed on school grounds for the safety of the students and general public. Wearing a mask during a pandemic in which many of the children can not receive a vaccination is for the safety of the students and general public.

In the ED-COVID 19 Volume 2 handbook the Department of Education published the first item is "Creating Safe and Healthy Learning Environments". Having an environment that will not risk the life of our children and teachers needs to be the priority.

In Florida, we are averaging 16,000 cases per day and 100 deaths. We don’t want our children to be part of the statistic. We are demanding that our children be protected. We are in a global pandemic with a highly contagious virus. Elementary school children are completely vulnerable because they are not eligible for the vaccine. We need your help to protect the lives of our children, who are unable to be vaccinated against this dangerous virus. For those of us living in very high risk areas, this is of utmost importance.