#COVIDLiesKill - Tell Twitter: We need options!

Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter

Put truth and science above profit!

To: Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter
From: [Your Name]

Twitter doesn’t have a method to report tweets or accounts that spread lies about the pandemic or the vaccine--and why would it? Anti-vaxxers on Twitter earn about $7.6 million in annual revenue and disinformation brings in millions more for platforms.

According to Twitter’s guidelines and policies, “content that is demonstrably false or misleading and may lead to significant risk of harm...may not be shared on Twitter,” but there is no way to report misinformation or lies about COVID on the platform.

COVID-19 disinformation reverberates in far-right echo chambers targeting women, girls, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, and is quite literally killing its readers and retweeters. Cracking down on COVID vaccine disinformation is particularly important right now, with hospitalizations rising in teenagers, kids 12 and up eligible right now and younger children likely to become eligible for vaccination in the coming months.

But, Twitter can easily address this oversight by empowering users to report COVID-19 misinformation and disinformation! By making it an option to report COVID-specific disinformation and lies, users will be able to work in collaboration with Twitter content moderators to identify lies about the pandemic and vaccine disinformation.

Twitter must add a function for users to report COVID-19 mis- and disinformation to keep all of us safe from dangerous lies about the COVID-19 pandemic.