Tell UPS and its CEO Carol B. Tomé to Truly Honor Dr. King and Respect Workers' Demands!

UPS CEO Carol B. Tomé

Sign this petition to tell UPS and its CEO Carol B. Tomé to stop putting profit over people, respect workers, and meet their demands by agreeing to the following:

  • No more two-tier pay. Equal pay for equal work
  • End unfair discipline and treat all workers with respect.
  • Stop harassment, surveillance, and unfair discipline.
  • End excessive forced overtime that separates working parents from their families.
  • Protect good jobs by stopping subcontracting.
  • End part-time poverty. Increase part-time wages and create more full-time jobs.
  • Respect Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Juneteenth as paid holidays.

Amazon, Walmart, and the other largest employers in America are watching Teamsters at UPS as they fight for a contract that sets the bar for millions of logistics workers.

The contract the UPS teamsters will negotiate will set the stage for workers' rights and standards in fair union contracts in the future, including monopolies like Amazon.

Please sign and share this petition today and let one of America’s largest employers know you support safe, humane, and dignified working conditions. It’s time for UPS to Deliver on the Dream.

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To: UPS CEO Carol B. Tomé
From: [Your Name]

I am writing to you today to urge you to bargain for a fair contract with the UPS teamsters in 2023. If you truly honor the legacy of Dr. King, then show in good faith that you will meet the following demands of the UPS Teamsters as they negotiate for safe, humane, and dignified working conditions with UPS in 2023.

-No more forced, excessive overtime – UPS employees should have the option to say no to over-time without workplace retaliation
-No more two-tier pay system – equal pay for equal work
-Jobs security for feeders & package drivers – subcontracting is bad for workers and bad for UPS
-Ending surveillance & harassment – workers should not be punished for taking bathroom breaks! (OR) workers should not be accused of “stealing time” for unplanned bathroom breaks!
Increased part-time pay – part-time UPS workers deserve fair wages.